Aros is pleased to announce the extension of its Sentry Multistandard family.

Sentry Multistandard Series is now available from 10 to 80kVA

Key features

On-line double conversion

PFC circuit: PF up to 0.99

Active Filter: THDI < 4%

Total microprocessor control

Battery Management

Additional Internal battery charger for long back-up time

Compact design and low noise

Static and manual maintenance by-pass

Low power consumption

High Inverter Short Current Capability (3 times nominal current)

Backfeed protection

Multimodule parallel configuration up to 8 modules

Frequency converter 50/60Hz operation through operator panel

Communication: Watch & Save monitoring & Shutdown Software,SNMP, Jbus/Modbus, Profibus

On-line double conversion

Using on-line double conversion technology, Sentry Multistandard applies the highest level of voltage and frequency regulation for all customers needs.

Active Filter

Sentry Multistandard is also available with built-in Active Filter, designed to reduce the level of the Harmonic distortion to <4% and increase the input power factor up to 0.99.

Total microprocessor control

Digital control considerably improves system reliability, allows reductions in dimensions and weight, and significantly increases control and communication capabilities.

Battery Management

Sentry Multistandard design includes the latest features for monitoring and protection of the battery:

Periodical Battery Test without any influence to the connected load.

Protection against Deep Battery Discharge when the UPS is on Battery and the load applied is very low.

Estimated Remaining Back up time when the UPS is on battery.

High hold-up time. For common mains micro interruptions up to 40 ms the battery is not used and consequently the battery life time is increased.

Additional Battery Charger

For long battery backup Multistandard can include an optional battery charger of 4 A (for units up to 30 kVA) or 8 A (for units above 40 kVA). This option in fitted internal the base UPS cabinet.

Back feed protection

The back feed protection device prevents any voltage back feed in the upstream current, thus insuring the safety of the maintenance personnel.

Operating flexibility

As well as the on-line double conversion mode, Sentry Multistandard can operate in:

Economy mode
The UPS uses Line Interactive technology; the load is powered from the mains, the energy
consumption is reduced with a subsequent improvement in efficiency (up to 98%).

Smart Active mode
The UPS automatically selects On Line or Line Interactive operating mode according to the quality of the mains supply, by monitoring the number, frequency and type of disturbances of the input mains.

With the mains available the UPS is normally not powered and consequently the power
consumptions approx. zero. Only when the mains fails or exceed a preset range the inverter start working in approx 200 ms.

Sentry Multistandard can also be used as a Frequency Converter 50/60HZ. This operation mode can be selected from the operator panel.


Sentry Multistandard can be connected in parallel up to 8 units to increase the power availability or the redundancy (N+1) any time without any influence on the initial investment.

Advanced communication

Sentry Multistandard is delivered with AROS Watch&Save Software package that provides:

UPS monitoring.

Event history.

E-mail support.

Remote monitoring through WAP mobile phone.

Full agent managing.

Shutdown software.

Communication Slot

Sentry Multistandard series comes with a slots for fitting one of the following optional AROS communication cards:

Netman 102: Ethernet network agent with TCP/IP, HTTP and SNMP protocol,
Multicom 302 : RS232 + RS485 port with JBUS /Modbus Protocol,
Multicom 352 : serial port duplexer (2xRS232).



Attached: Sentry Multistandard Technical Specification from 10 to 80 KVA