We are pleased to announce the current successful UPS Sentinel XR range is expanding
with new 5000 VA and 6000 VA models.

The new power range is: 3300 VA, 4000 VA, 5000 VA and 6000 VA.

Here are summarized the major key features for the whole SENTINEL XR range.

Key features

• Same box may be used for Tower or Rack installation
• Multilingual rotating display
• Hot-swappable batteries
• Fans PWM controlled
• Modern and compact design
• Unlimited expandable back-up time
• Frequency converter
• Hold Up time =40ms

High versatility

Sentinel XR can be used either in tower or 19” rack-mount mode by simply pulling out and
rotating the mimic panel display by means of an appropriate kit.
5000 & 6000VA

Multilingual rotating display

The multilingual display provides information about the most important measurements,
such as frequency, voltage, operation mode and alarms.

Hot-swappable batteries

Batteries can be replaced directly by the user with full safety thanks to the protected
connection System.

PWM controlled fans

The digitally PWM controlled ventilation reduces the noise level at low load.

Unlimited expandable back-up time

Unlimited number of battery modules can be added to increase the back-up time. In order
to reduce recharging time, the battery modules can be supplied with a battery charger.

Frequency converter

Sentinel XR can be used as frequency converter 50 to 60 Hz and vice versa.

High Hold Up time

For common mains micro interruptions up to 40ms the battery necessary and
consequently is not used. This feature increase significantly the battery lifetime.

Operating modes

On-line (VFI): the load is powered from the Inverter permanently;
Line Interactive: the load is powered normally from the bypass. If the mains
exceed the specified tolerances, the UPS switches to the normal On Line Double
Conversion operating mode. When the mains returns within the tolerance the load
is transferred back on bypass.
Smart Active: the UPS will monitor the bypass mains and decide the best
operating mode between “Online” and “Line Interactive”.
Stand-by Off: with mains line available the load is not powered, when the mains
exceeds the tolerance the load is energized using the battery energy.

Advanced communication

Sentinel XR is delivered with AROS Watch&Save Software package that provides:

• UPS monitoring
• Event scheduling
• E-mail support
• Remote monitoring through WAP mobile phone
• Full agent managing
• Shutdown software

Communication Slots

Sentinel XR series comes with a slot for fitting the optional AROS communication cards as
for example:

• Netman 102 : Ethernet network agent with TCP/IP, HTTP and SNMP protocol
• Multicom 302 : RS232 + RS485 port with JBUS /Modbus Protocol
• Multicom 352 : serial port duplexer (2xRS232)


• Servers
• Data centers
• Local Area Networks
• Telecommunications
• Industrial Equipment
• Electro-medical equipment


It is available now on stock.

Sentinel XR Technical Specification.